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Tax Checklist

What You'll Need to File Your Tax Return


Save time and get organized this tax season! Use this checklist as your personal guide to compiling your tax documents. It is not a legal document; it may, however, save you time and remind you which tax documents you’ve accrued throughout the year.


Social Security numbers:

  • Personal
  • Spouse
  • Dependents
  • Child care provider
  • Alimony recipient



  • ID, DL, or Passport
  • Social Security card for primary tax payer and any dependents


***NOTE*** If you are claiming the EIC CREDIT for any children. You must also furnish proof of residency such as letter from medical provider, school, church,  lease, etc. (Inquire about any questions you may have with regard to these new rules)

Also proof of health insurance to avoid penalties.


Personal income:

  • Employment income W-2 forms
  • Unemployment income 1099-G forms
  • Interest income 1099-INT & 1099-OID forms
  • Dividend income 1099-DIV forms
  • Brokerage transactions 1099-B forms
  • Distributions from medical savings accounts 1099-MSA forms
  • Retirement plan distribution 1099-R forms
  • Social Security benefits SSA-1099 forms
  • Alimony received
  • Gambling and lottery winnings W-2G forms
  • Jury duty pay records
  • State and local income tax refunds 1099-G forms
  • Other miscellaneous income
  • Dependents
  • Child care provider
  • Alimony recipient


Self-employment income:

  • Business income 1099-MISC forms or own records and receipts
  • Partnership income K-1: 1065 forms
  • S Corporation investment income K-1: 1120S forms
  • Rental property income 1099-MISC forms or own record
  • Business-related expenses
  • Employment and business taxes paid


Homeowner information:

  • Mortgage Interest 1098 forms
  • Property sales proceeds 1099-S forms
  • Real estate taxes paid
  • Rent paid
  • Moving expenses


Personal expenses:

  • Charitable donations
  • Alimony paid
  • Adoption expenses
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Child care expenses
  • Expenses relating to employment or volunteer work
  • Education tuition 1098-T form
  • Student loan interest 1098-E form
  • Investment expenses
  • Expenses relating to job hunting or education
  • Tax return preparation fees
  • Wages paid to household employees
  • Retirement plan contributions
  • Federal, state & local income tax paid for current year
  • Records for any other expenses that may be deductible


Other Information

  • If you want your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account, you’ll need: Direct deposit information: Routing

Number and Account Number

  • Foreign bank account information: Name, Location, Account Number, maximum value of account
  • Hybrid or clean diesel auto purchases: Bill of sale for a hybrid automobile purchased in 2009